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70's Motel Sign - From Concept to Working Scale Model - Part 3

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

After having completed the draft, I wanted to explore how the sign would look when rendered realistically. The captivating light and unique shape that lured travelers in from afar to stay for the night-that is what I was trying to achieve.

Having created a draft, I built a 3D model of the sign based on known dimensions. I placed virtual lights in the model (using SU Podium plug-in) as well as backlit the marquee to convey how color, shadows, and shape play on the design.

I also wanted to create a presentation render that was as close to realism as possible to what the final design will look like if built in various lighting conditions.

Tools Used:

  • SketchUp

  • SU Podium (Plug-in renderer)

Below you will see several renditions of the sign during night, twilight, and day environments.



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